Our Mission, Story & Customers


CELEBRATION IS ESSENTIAL. Why do we believe this? We're all friends here, so let's be 100% real. Life can really suck sometimes. There are some days where it seems like there's a big cloud following you around, drowning you with raindrops and while trying to get away from the rain, one foot steps into a bucket and...well, you get the cartoon reference, but feeling bummed out is a real thing. The Great and Magnificent Oprah once said that it only takes a little light to drive out the darkness. For us, that could be a dash of confetti, a cute and sassy card, a brilliant balloon bunch, or simply a banner that says "You're Amazing!". Our mission is to simply provide the tools to create more good days. And it really could be as simple as a card...with confetti stuffed inside. So raise your glass, mug, flask, water bottle, stadium cup, boot (we don't judge), and let's toast to more celebration! 


Our story starts in the eyes of a little girl. For real. When Ebony was a wee one, she watched her mom and grandma create invitations for her and her sister and brother's birthdays. They were very humble invites, but she could see her mom and grandma's passion and intent as they prepared for a celebration. Every time she saw the zigzag cut scissors, construction paper, and glue on the table, she made sure she was parked on the dark green carpet in the living room until the last invitation was sealed in its envelope.

From that day, the fire for creativity and celebration was lit inside her. But boy, did she try to ignore it. She couldn't see how she could do what she loved and actually make a living. We can all agree that ignoring your passion can equal tons of confusion, frustration, and tears. While pursuing degrees and other career paths, Ebony always kept a note in her phone that held all of her stationery and party goods ideas. Finally, she looked at the list one day, which required tons of scrolling to get to the bottom, and decided that Announce Divinely was worth the risk. Tossing confetti was worth the risk. Creating things to help people make others happy was worth the risk. 

Since the beginning, Announce Divinely has grown to include stationery, planners, confetti, tableware, Bestie Boxes, balloons, and greeting cards galore! Ebony still has her working list and more exciting things are coming soon! 


Our customers are Celebration Ambassadors! You value human connection and love to do it in the prettiest way possible! We aspire to be like you! You love to send cards, plan Instagram-worthy parties, and simply have a good time! All of our products are made with you in mind.