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About Announce Divinely


Ebony Nichols Announce Divinely

Hi! I'm Ebony, the owner and designer of Announce Divinely.

We all need more intentional celebration in our lives. How many times have you looked up and realized your birthday is coming up? Or that you missed your sister's birthday? Or your best friend received a promotion or started her business and the only fanfare she got was on social media? How about that time you wanted to do more than send your old college roommate a heart emoji on the 'Gram? 

My mission is to give you the tools you need to do all this and more. When you step into these digital doors, I want you to feel like you've finally come home to your happy place. Pick out several cards for birthdays, promotions, and just-because moments. Choose several confetti blends for your next get-together or to stuff inside those cards. Select a banner that speaks to the purpose of your party, or custom design one that makes your office sing! 

Everything here is heavy on the color, wit, sass, and syrupy sweet sentiments. This is all personal for me to create something personable for you.


Announce Divinely's story starts from my childhood. Let's go down memory lane, shall we? I watched my mom and grandma create invitations for my, my sister,  and my brother's birthdays. They were very humble invites, but I could see my mom and grandma's passion and intent as they prepared for a celebration. Every time I saw the zigzag-cut scissors, construction paper, and glue on the table, I made sure I parked my tushy on the dark green carpet in the living room until the last invitation was sealed in its envelope.

From that day, the fire for creativity and celebration was lit inside me. But boy, did I try to ignore it. I couldn't see how I could do what I loved and actually make a living. We can all agree that ignoring your passion can equal tons of confusion, frustration, and tears. While pursuing degrees and other career paths, I couldn't let my creative side go, so I always kept a note in my phone that held all of my stationery and party goods ideas. Finally, I looked at the list one day, which required tons of scrolling to get to the bottom, and decided that Announce Divinely was worth the risk. Tossing confetti was worth the risk. Creating things to help people make others happy was worth the risk. 

Announce Divinely has grown to include more than 200 card designs, confetti mixes, stickers, and banners. 

My mom and grandma are no longer here with us. So it is even more important than ever that I embrace creativity to bring joy into the world. This is my way of continuing their legacies.

The next part of the story is all about you. How you use these products to create your beautiful, heartfelt celebratory moments. I love when you share those moments with me and I look forward to growing and celebrating with you for many chapters to come.