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Six Ways to Send Cards with Joy in June

In this space, we believe that cards can bring a lot of joy to our lives. But let's face it: sometimes we can fall into these categories:
  1. “I send cards all the time…it's starting to feel boring.”
  2. “I WANT to be someone who sends cards…I just need a push.”
  3. “Who can I send a card to? I see my favorite people all the time.”
I have the solution: Six ways you can add energy and joy to your card-sending situation!

1. Send a nostalgic photo of you and the recipient with a card.
In our digital world, we take plenty of selfies and snapshots, but they live on our phones FOREVER! Print out one of the photos and stick it inside the card. 

2. Use watercolors to decorate your envelope.
I love to use watercolors because there's beauty even if you're not an expert. Use an envelope that is thick so it can handle a little water until the paint dries. Announce Divinely envelopes are perfect for this project. Then address your envelope as you usually would.

3. Use only puns for the inside message.
An egg-cellent way to make someone laugh is to use puns. Donut underestimate how much joy humor can bring. So sprinkle some puns here and there and watch their smile bloom!

4. Randomly select someone in your contact list and send them a card.
Shake up the routine and send a just because or thinking of you card to someone new. Let a friend go through your contact list and pick a recipient. Use discretion, but also take an opportunity to just go with the flow.

5. Start a penpal exchange with someone.
Know someone who believes in the joy of snail mail too? Ask them to be your penpal. Discuss how often you will write and get the ball rolling. Pro tip: Include a postage stamp inside your card to make receiving a card even easier.

6. Take a moment and revisit cards you've received.
We all have that drawer or box where we store our received greeting cards. Take a moment out of your day and just go through and reminisce. Even though the event has gone by, I promise those same good feelings will return when you read your loved ones messages again.

There it is! These are my six tips to make your June a spectacular month to send some joy through the mail. Want to come back to this list? Pin the infographic below to your Pinterest account!

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