October's Confetti List

Raise of hands: have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said, "I need to shake things up a bit"? Don't be shy...almost all of us say that at least once...a day. The Confetti List is the answer! 

I came up with The Confetti List after experiencing a case of know, fear of missing out. It's inevitable when you're mindlessly watching Instagram stories, right? So I'm sinking deeper into FOMO and I realize...why do I feel like I'm missing out? Oh, girl! It's time to create your own moments! 

Announce Divinely Confetti List Image

So I started a list to break out of the monotony of everyday life. Go on a picnic here...pick out a weird nail polish color there. And I shared it with my friends. The response was crazy! My friends and I would do something on the list, share it, and also be inspired to create more moments. 

So I want to share this with you! And then you should share it with your friends! Because we are all about creating more good days, right? (Insert nodding heads). We are! I've linked The Confetti List below so you can have it near and dear. So start somewhere on the list, check off what you did, and send me a pic at OR post it on Instagram and tag us and hashtag it #ConfettiListAD. I'll be sharing how I'm checking things off too!

AND if you send us pics completing everything on the list, we will send you some awesome Announce Divinely products! Win-Win!

Oh, and if you want to make that random confetti toss AH-mazing, check out our Confetti Wands. They come pre-filled and ready for the party!

October's Confetti List

Have tons of fun!