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It's Time for Gifting!

Every year, I make this tremendous proclamation that I, Ebony, will begin shopping for Christmas gifts ahead of the crowd, ahead of...um...December 23rd. And every year, I get, well...stuck. This can partially be blamed on cozy binge watching sessions, but for the most part, I'm always contemplating what to give. Gift guides are the answer. I know your favorite social media personalities have one. Add this to the ever growing list. 

Gift guides are essential to this holiday season for the simple reason that we don't know everything. That's why I struggle with what to give my sister who loves to craft but also doesn't have time (or the attention span) to commit to a multi-day, multi-step project. Gift guides take the greatest ideas from the great minds and basically give us a shopping list. I like lists. I like completing lists. Perfect match.

Our gift guides are categorized by personality descriptions. You can get one or two things or *GASP* make a cute curated box with ALL THE THINGS! We're here to inspire you, so select a guide below and start checking off that gift list!

On-the-Go Gal

Amazing Mom

World's Greatest Teacher

College Girl

Glamorous Girl

Celebration Cutie

Girl on Fire

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