Free Office Printable: Let Me Check My Email

Announce Divinely Email Printable

It's so close to the weekend, I can smell kind of smells like prosecco. But we still have some work to do before the weekend graces us with her presence. Work hard, play harder, right?

The Let Me Check My Email printable is inspired by a long day full of tedious housekeeping, meetings, too-short lunches, and the person that comes by your desk at the end of the day and asks if you got her which you reply, "Let me check my email." Sigh.

Now, you don't have to say a word! Simply print, frame, and point at your new sign whenever she asks for the umpteenth time if you responded to the office email about lunch tomorrow. 

Remember, the weekend is's full of prosecco, sweatpants, and a brunch date for the ages. 

Click HERE for your printable. Save, print, and forward to someone who needs to send a message too!

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