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Ebony's Obsessions

Happy FriYAY! Each week, I will share with you some amazing things and thoughts I've encountered recently that have been lovingly added to my obsession list. I hope you feel inspired after your read this list and you check out the links too! Also, let me know what you've been obsessing over this week in the comments box! You never know...your obsession may become my newest obsession as well!

Hello you! Today's roundup features things I was absolutely excited about during the Thanksgiving week! Some out-of-this-world things happened and I want to share all that goodness with you.

Ina's Risotto

Ina Garten-Spring Green Risotto
So this is Ina Garten's recipe for Spring Green Risotto. I know it's finter (fall + winter), but this risotto is seriously everything. It takes a bit of time and some loving to make it, but the payoff is tremendous. I made this as my contribution to my family's Thanksgiving dinner, and I may have had to just call it rice casserole to get the kids on board, but it was DEVOURED, like immediately! It tastes like luxury (hello? It's INA GARTEN!), and I beg you to make it this weekend!

OPI's Candied Kingdom

OPI Candied Kingdom
So from the last roundup, you know that I was obsessed with Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. So my obsession deepens with OPI's Candied Kingdom, in their Nutcracker collection. It is a pinkish-red that is perfect for all the holiday festivities to come.

Announce Divinely's Rosy Holiday Confetti Mix

In our whole 2 years, this is my favorite holiday mix...all because I love a good blush pink! Rosy Holiday  brings a softer touch to the festive red and green, and I have been tossing this everywhere! 

InSight's Mars Landing

NASA Insight's Mars Landing
This week, my heart was so full as I watched the LiveStream of NASA's InSight landing on Mars. How remarkable! This photo is one of InSight's first photos projected from the surface of Mars to Earth. I choked up watching all the engineers and people behind this great mission hold their breaths as InSight approached the surface. The celebration that ensued right after is one for the books!

Aspiring Co's IT GIRL Feature

Announce Divinely Ebony-CEO/Founder
I'm an IT GIRL? I'm an IT GIRL! This week, Aspiring Co featured my story as part of their It Girl series. If you don't already know about Aspiring Co., you should definitely check them out! Danae Edmonds and her team are trailblazers and goal chasers! They're all about empowering and inspiring women as they set and achieve their goals. They just launched a podcast, Yes Girl Yes, and have flawless apparel to continue the aspirational message. 

You can find all the links to this week's list on our Ebony's Obsessions Pinterest Board! 

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