Confetti-filled conversation...uh yes please!

Announce Divinely Ebony and Lots of Balloons

O.M.G.! My fingers are flying across the keyboard right now because I am crazy excited about the launch of our new website! We knew that we wanted to provide a perfect party spot for us to connect with you! So welcome to Confetti Conversations! This is the place where we will talk about everything with a toss of confetti. So please comment and comment often! I love to hear "amen," "I know right," and "oh my goodness, ME TOO!" But I also live for the "why do you think that?" and "naw, not me because..." because that is how true girlfriends talk, right?! 

So pour up your favorite cocktail, mocktail, tea, or coffee and let's converse...confetti included!




  • Hi again!

    What I wanted to ask is if I can buy a palette to show my students. Do you sell that here?

    Sorry it took two messages!!!

    Joanne : )

    Joanne Rose Medeiros
  • Hi Ebony! I love your new website! I bought pink confetti last year from you on Etsy, and I’ll be ordering more. You cheer me right up!

    I’m a retired teacher and I mentor two students at the local elementary school.
    I want to let each child choose their favorite confetti mix, so they can make Christmas ornaments. I would love to be able to show them all of the choices.

    Does that sound like a good idea?



    Joanne Rose Medeiros

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