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Confetti Cues: Popping in with some magic!

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It's November. It's the weekend. And that means magic must ensue. For me, that's curling up in my favorite sweater (did you check that off your October Confetti List?), picking something to binge on Netflix, and grabbing a bowl of kettle corn. You too?! OMG! If you have the coziness and show already picked out, but your popcorn game is a little tired, check out some of these awesome popcorn recipes below!


Maple Bacon Bourbon Popcorn Bake Your Day

Let's start off with the nitty gritty...Bake Your Day has given the world the answer to our sweet salty boozy cravings with this Maple Bacon Bourbon Popcorn! Let's face it...popcorn gets elevated when you bring bacon to the party!


Even though the weather's getting cooler, we still need to spice things up a bit! Enter the Chili and Lime Popcorn by Killing Thyme. Don't be surprised if you find yourself putting down your pumpkin spice latte and grabbing a margarita!


The laws of the universe state that if you combine butter, brown sugar, and salt, only good things will happen. And it gets even better because Brown Sugar Mama begins this recipe with microwave popcorn. Simplicity gets a whole lot sweeter! Check out this Butter Toffee Popcorn and get ready to do your happy dance!

If you want all the popcorn recipes you can handle, come see what's popping on our POPcorn board on Pinterest!

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